Conceptual Design Development

We support our clients with conceptual design thinking of their blockchain solutions, the development and the overall project management oversight. Starting with designing position papers and use cases you will achieve your blockchain business objectives.

Examples include:

  • Identity-as-a-Service solutions using Zero-Trust
  • Compliant ready solutions for corporates and SMEs 
  • Revenue assurance utilising blockchain technology
  • Enabling Play 2 Earn and In-Game purchases with crypto in online and mobile gaming (GameFi)
  • Non-fungible token (NFT) collections and collaborations with artists to monetize art, music and visuals

Blockchain Strategy

We provide a wide range of strategic advisory solutions to our clients to increase their competitive advantage with blockchain innovations in sustainable business models. This includes for example:

  • Blockchain/crypto strategy development
  • Tokenomics advisory
  • Crypto marketing
  • Community strategy development
  • Market and community engagement analysis
  • Business model transformations

Cyber Security

When utilising blockchain technologies, your cyber attack vector landscape increases as well. Cyber is a key risk to be addressed and we support our clients with the following cybersecurity services:

  • Blockchain / Crypto security audits
  • Smart contract review/audits
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Source code reviews to ensure secure coding standards are adhered to
  • Implementation of bug bounty programs for blockchain/crypto projects