Foxhound RPI (Ransom Payment Infrastructure)

At FOXHOUND we believe that it is not a matter of if a company gets hacked but a matter of when it gets hacked. We see large number of companies that suffer from serious business disruptions and infrastructure outages as a result of attacks by malicious actors that deploy ransomware to hostage files, systems and critical infrastructures.

In a lot of situation it is possible to recover from these attacks because of proper backup facilities that limit the business impact to a minimum. In other cases companies do not see any other way but to pay the malicious attackers because the threat is just too high. We know situations of where human lives were at danger, the environmental impact does not outweighs the ransom or the financial impact of a disruption means the end of the company.

When a company decides to pay ransom, there is more to look for than processing a bank wire to the attackers. Attackers will require the ransom in a crypto currency to stay anonymous and your company needs to collect as much as intel and evidence as possible for forensic investigators, prosecutors and your insurance company.

Foxhound enriches your cyber incident response plan with this scenario. We provide a technical infrastructure for the payment of ransom in any crypto currency, collect all necessary intel and evidence and recover your files, systems or infrastructure.

Foxhound RPI consists of the following components:

  1. Self custody and multi signature crypto wallet solution*
  2. Secure transfer and storage of decryption keys and tools
  3. Smart contract for simultaneous transfer of crypto funds and decryption keys
  4. Specified integration into incident response plan
  5. Necessary forensic files and documentation for the insurance company and the prosecutor

*In case of immediate emergency Foxhound RPI has direct access to bitcoins and other crypto currencies through a trusted party.

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